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Periodontal Maintenance

Our Ongoing Personalized Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Our commitment at Premier Dental Team, is to work with you to help maintain healthy, strong gums, and teeth at all times. Scheduling your regular dental checkups along with regular dental hygiene appointments will help us identify any periodontal problems when and as they occur.

Our team of health professionals examines and cleans gums and teeth, as part of care patients will always receive. A thorough oral examination will help us detect periodontal problems at any stage including the early stages. Once detected, we will sit and discuss with you the concerns with your gums and teeth and will assist you in creating a suitable periodontal maintenance therapy program for you.


Once you have consulted with one of our team’s specialists, you will know when and how often you need to come for your maintenance therapy. Our specialist will determine your scheduling based on:

  • your periodontal condition
  • your unique individual needs
  • the rate of calculus growth
  • history of periodontal treatment
  • response to previous treatment

Your home oral care will also help us determine your scheduling. If your oral health is responding well to good home care, you may be scheduled for longer intervals between your dental care appointments. More frequent therapy appointments may be scheduled if your periodontal disease is not responding appreciably even to the most devoted home oral hygiene and your oral health is deteriorating.

What to expect during your hygiene maintenance visits

During your maintenance visits, Dr. Parra will review your health history and tartar control efficiency at home. Your hygienist will receive recommendation from your specialist, who will scale the teeth to remove plaque and calculus, measure the depth of the gum pockets and check for any abnormal changes. If necessary, our specialist will also take radiographs to evaluate the teeth and supporting structures. Dental radiographs and intraoral photos will enable us to look deeper at the problem and find the root cause invisible to the naked eye. We will also see the extent of your gum disease or any other periodontal problem that escapes the naked eye. This will help our specialist evaluate your need for further treatment as well as instruct you in ways that may improve your results. Dr. Parra will also examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay and your teeth bite.

Dr. Parra may also want to know if you are experiencing any pain or tooth sensitivity. If you are undergoing sensitivity, pain or both, Dr. Parra or your certified dental hygienist will apply or prescribe medication that will offer you relief. Giving the right information will help us plan a maintenance therapy that will prove effective.

Benefits of well-maintained periodontal therapy

Periodontal disease causes tooth loss and has been associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene and reducing the progression of periodontal disease can save you the chance of developing another serious condition. In addition, you may not require extensive periodontal care or additional prosthetic replacement with implants to substitute your lost teeth. Our maintenance program will help you avoid other hardships as well as costs of other health concerns. Good maintenance therapy will help you maintain your oral health and overall well-being for a lifetime.

Why choose our dental practice

Regular cleaning of teeth and gums including brushing and flossing will minimize the formation of plague but not entirely prevent it. Your cleaning efforts may not be enough, thus the need for professional care and that’s where we come in. Premier Dental Team is not only made up of dentists but also hygienists among other specialists. Dr. Parra and Dr. Craighead use their extensive knowledge coupled with modern technological advancements to offer the best preventative measures to all our patients. Each member of our team has personal and professional experience in dealing with varied dental procedures including extreme cases. With that in mind, you are assured that we will handle your oral problems with unbeatable care and expertise. Moreover, we create a personalized approach from consultation to treatment since each individual case is unique and different to another.

It’s never too late to begin your periodontal therapy maintenance program. Our specialists ares waiting for your call to work with you and create an ongoing, personalized program to prevent the spread of the disease in gum tissue and surrounding. Call us now