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Protecting Your Smile

Preventive Dentistry

Gainesville Florida Dentist

As much as we hate to say it, no one enjoys a visit to the dentist. Your Gainesville dentist and Premier Dental Team, works hard to ensure that you don’t have to visit us any more often than necessary.

Finding a Gainesville dentist who can anticipate your needs and predict your future problems and work to prevent them is the goal of every client. It is our goal as well. Using state of the art technology and tools your Gainesville dentist can offer you treatments and preventive dentistry and preventive tools that were unavailable to you even as little as five years ago.

The Premier Dental Team believes that good dental care with an eye to preventive services is the best way that we can serve our patients. That’s why we believe that our preventive dentistry services are for everyone.

Your Gainesville dentist is always available to help you in case some type of emergency situation develops.

We are ready and able to help you with things like:

  • A cavity
  • An Abcess
  • A lost tooth
  • A root canal
  • An extraction

We simply feel that the more we can help you to maintain your good oral health before there are issues, the better off you’re going to be.

At Premier Dental Team, we offer you a wide range of ways to protect your teeth. These methods include:

  • Regular dental checkups–A regular checkup can help us to catch problems that may be in the making. Getting a good look at your overall dental healthy is imperative to preventing future problems.
  • Regular dental cleaning- A good dental cleaning helps to remove any trace of plaque or tartar and helps you to start fresh again when you get home. Making sure that the methodology that you are using is a good one is part of our process.
  • Education – Learn more about the best methods of dental hygiene at home. Find out how to get the last trace of plaque from your teeth and the best foods that you can eat to keep a healthy smile and good oral hygiene. We educate our patients on how to get the most out of :
  • Regular brushing
  • Effective flossing
  • Avoiding high sugar treats
  • Keeping your teeth safe during sports and highly strenuous physical activity.

Preventive dental care from your Gainesville dentist may also include the use of sealants that can help to prevent damage and tooth decay from taking place. Learn more about sealants on our dental sealant page.

Preventive dental care from Premier Dental Team, your Gainesville, Florida dental care group can save you a lot, both in terms of your looks and your confidence, as well as saving you future dental problems.

How can you implement preventative dental care in your life? Contact us today to learn more!