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Digital X-Rays

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Digital X-rays

Gainesville dentistry is advancing by leaps and bounds. The benefits of this growth in new technology is that what used to take a long time to accomplish no longer does. What was once more difficult and sometimes uncomfortable no longer is. Among the highest quality dental practices, Premier Dental Team seeks out new technology in order to offer safer and more comfortable services to our clients.

One of the areas where we continue to see great advancement is the replacement of the more traditional radiological tests such as xrays. They are now being replaced with safer and easier digital X-rays.

What Makes Digital X-rays Better for Both Premier Dental Team and our Gainesville patients?

Digital X-rays provide:

  • Lower Risks – Our dentists can spot oral hygiene issues nearly immediately and can determine what will require treatment as well as what kind of treatment it may need. The dentist will better be able to determine what kind of followup care that you need.
  • Better Technology means Greater Safety for You. Digital X-rays expose you to about 80 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays. Radiation may have adverse effects on some patients, particularly those who are pregnant or may be ill already.
  • More Convenient – Both the patient and the Gainesville dentist gets benefits from the digital Xray techology. The dentist finds it less onerous to view the teeth from more than one angle and to have easier access to the X-ray, while the patient will get a more accurate and timely diagnosis of any condition that may exist. That means that the treatment can be determined more rapidly and initiated more readily, saving extra money and time in the dental care process.
  • Better Quality of Care – The digital Xray allows the team at Premier Dental Team to offer better care that can be delivered more rapidly, more completely and more fully. The better quality of digital Xrays means that threatening conditions can be more quickly seen and treated. Digital Xrays allow for a more crisp and clean image that can be zoomed to offer better views of what’s really happening with the teeth and gums.

Premier Dental Team, your Gainesville dentist offers digital x-ray treatments to all of the Gainesville dental patients. Our patients are able to be given a diagnosis, treatment and followup more rapidly and much more safely. There will be far less risk to our patients who use digital x-rays than going to a dentist who still uses the old-style traditional x-ray methodology.

If you’re concerned about your teeth, but also your overall good health, don’t be. Your Premier Dental Team in Gainesville can offer you modern day technology for your next xray. Don’t risk your health. Contact Premier Dental Team for your next tooth x-ray and diagnosis.