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Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy Smile Treatment

Are your gums overshadowing your smile? Do people stare at your gums when you smile? If you believe you have an excessive gum line, your Gainesville dentist can help. A gummy smile treatment can help to correct your smile and give your teeth a natural appearance.

What Exactly is a Gummy Smile?

It is a condition where the gum tissue is disproportionate to the teeth. While the condition is harmless, it can impact self-esteem. A Gainesville dentist can correct this smile using periodontal plastic surgery. It’s a painless procedure that can quickly transform your mouth.

What Can Cause a Gummy Smile?

There are a few factors that can contribute to gummy smile. They include:

  • Hyperplasia caused by medication use. This is common in individuals taking calcium channel blockers.
  • Orthodontic treatments that cause excessive overgrowth.
  • Inflammation from poor dental hygiene and gum disease.
  • Certain hereditary and metabolic disorders.
  • Maxilla in the upper jaw bone.
  • Hyperactive lip muscles.
  • Dental malocclusion.
  • Excessive bone grown alone the upper jaw bone.

Are All Gummy Smiles the Same?

No. There are different types of gummy smiles that can manifest in the mouth. In some cases, a single tooth might experience problems. In extreme cases, the entire smile may be covered with an excessive gum line. Your Gainesville dentist can review your condition and create a gummy smile treatment plan that addresses these concerns.

What Are My Treatment Options?

There are two gummy smile treatment options available. The first is crown lengthening surgery. This approach reduces the amount of tissue in the mouth. A local anesthesia is placed and the gums and bone are modified. This give a longer appearance to your teeth and reduces the prominence of the gums.



The other option is called lip lowering surgery. With this procedure, the soft tissue is reduced. This improves the overall appearance of the gummy smile. This is the preferred approach in cases where the patient has a hyper mobile lip or if they have a skeletal discrepancy. With the upper lip lowered, there is less gum tissue that shows when a person smiles. The result is an improved smile, without the need for excessive surgery.

Lip lowering surgery does require a local anesthesia. But the procedure is simple and the results are fairly quick. The result is a smile that no longer appears gummy and unpleasant to the patient.



Both treatment options are highly effective. Your dentist will have the ability to determine which method is best for you, based on your unique condition. It is important to schedule a consultation so your dentist can inspect your mouth and determine which approach is right for you. With the information, the Gainesville dentist can give you additional insight into this process. Each procedure has their own unique set of benefits that can help you to create a beautiful smile. One that you’ll be proud to show for years to come.